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GenConnect Healthcare was founded on the founder’s own experiences. During their respective tenures in the healthcare industry, both partners observed a major lack of support for medical billing firms and healthcare payment systems. GenConnect Healthcare was formed by merging its Revenue Cycle Management market understanding and business acumen. A dedicated, trusted partner to improving healthcare outcomes through technology and experience.

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Our Products and Services

The mission-critical duty of every healthcare institution in the United States is to provide health information management solutions. HIM’s organizational function has grown dramatically.

Revenue Cycle Management

Transforming Revenue Cycle Management concentrates on patients, not profits. We assist health systems in improving their revenue cycle processes, from patient recruitment and intake to revenue generation…

Payer Solutions

In today’s competitive and complex healthcare sector, you need a trusted partner to help you achieve your goals, overcome daily challenges, and quickly adapt and respond to changing market dynamics…

Provider Credentialing

Provider credentialing is a controlled method to assess the qualifications of specific categories of providers. This crucial safety check requires that providers such as doctors…

Patient Billing & Collection Support

Patient billing and collection support the administrative and financial processes used by healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, and medical practices…


Revenue Cycle Management

The process of tracking, gathering, and overseeing the revenue from payers for the services rendered by a practice.

Appointment Schedule & Eligibility

Welcome to GenConnect Healthcare, where we’re reshaping the way, you access healthcare. Our mission is simple: to provide you with healthcare.

Prior Authorization Verification

At GenConnect Healthcare, we’re on a mission to transform the Prior Authorization Verification
process from a roadblock into a catalyst for healthcare excellence.

Billing & Account Receivable

In the dynamic world of healthcare, the financial health of your practice hinges on a critical duo: Billing & Accounts Receivable. These aren’t just administrative functions.

Medical Coding

In the intricate world of healthcare, every detail counts. Accuracy, efficiency, and compliance are not just buzzwords but the pillars that uphold your practice’s financial health.

medical coding services

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Company Snapshot

Our ability to scale, innovate, and deliver is how we help our healthcare client organizations improve their bottom line.

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