Prior Authorization Verification

At GenConnect Healthcare, we’re on a mission to transform the Prior Authorization Verification process from a roadblock into a catalyst for healthcare excellence. PAV is not just a formality; it’s your gateway to optimizing revenue while delivering exceptional patient care.

The Power Of Prior Authorization Verification:

Let’s begin by decoding Prior Authorization Verification. According to the American Medical Association, it’s the process through which healthcare providers secure advance approval from health insurance plans before delivering specific procedures, services, devices, supplies, or medications to ensure coverage.

Imagine providers spending an average of 20 hours a week navigating the Prior Authorization Verification maze. It’s no wonder that mishandling this process can cost practices dearly in terms of revenue.

prior authorization verification process

Why payers embrace

Prior Authorization Verification

Medical Wisdom

Payers demand Prior Authorization Verification to validate the medical necessity of the recommended treatment or service.

Treatment Efficacy

It’s about assessing the effectiveness of the initial treatment period and the need for continued care.

No Redundancy

In the era of multi-specialist consultations, PAV ensures no redundancy in services when patients seek care from multiple sources.

Cost Efficiency

Payers look to Prior Authorization Verification to ensure cost-effective care and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

Prior Authorization Verification

Quality Care And
Financial Prudence

At GenConnect Healthcare, we see Prior Authorization Verification as a tool for elevating the quality of care offered by physicians. It’s all about ensuring care is justified, secure, accessible, and cost-efficient. Importantly, the prior authorization verification process isn’t applicable during emergencies. In certain cases, providers can even seek retro-authorization post-care.

Insights from the American

Medical Association

A recent American Medical Association survey highlights the impact of Prior Authorization Verification:

93% of physicians report treatment delays due to PAV.

24% report instances where PAV resulted in patient hospitalization.

82% note that PAV can sometimes lead to patients abandoning necessary treatments.

2 in 5 physicians allocate dedicated staff exclusively for PAV management.

These statistics underscore

How Prior Authorization Verification Directly Influences
The Quality Of Care And A Practice's Financial Health.

An efficient Prior Authorization process translates to:

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